Dr Ed Pezalla MD

Dr Ed Pezalla MD
Naia Board of Advisors

Dr Pezalla is a national and international public policy, public affairs and healthcare innovations leader with a unique understanding and perspective of patient, payer, health system provider and government needs. He is active in helping inform and shape systems and policy frameworks in the US through his activities at The Brookings/Engelberg Center, as an invited expert on reform of drug approval regulations for the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and as a planning board member for recommendations for the National Medical Device Surveillance System.

Dr Pezalla is currently vice president and national medical director for pharmaceutical policy and strategy at Aetna. He reports directly to the chief medical officer for the integration of pharmacy policy and activities into Aetna’s overall strategy and operations. Dr Pezalla also serves as the lead clinical spokesperson for Aetna in pharmacy-related issues and represents Aetna on industry work groups and conferences. Previously, Dr Pezalla was acting chief medical officer for Aetna’s operations in Doha, Qatar, where he managed the Qatari National Health Insurance scheme.  He also served as chief clinical officer for Aetna Pharmacy Management. Prior to Aetna, he was vice president of clinical services for Prescription Solutions, a wholly-owned pharmacy benefits management subsidiary of United Health.

Dr Pezalla received his medical and undergraduate degrees from Georgetown University. He holds an MPH from the University of California at Berkeley.







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